How did you become interested in headpieces in particular?
When I was in my twenties, I was asked to do the make-up, wigs and hair for an ice show. It was a lot of fun and a great feeling to see my work gliding across the ice and knowing I contributed to a successful show.
My interest, however, came much earlier in my great grandmother’s hat shop in Osby, where I grew up. The store was called ‘Chic Mode’, the name alone says it all! I spent hours there exploring the hats, jewelry and gloves, and listening attentively to everything that was said by my great grandmother and her customers. So that’s where it all started.

You have just released a new collection. Where do you get your inspiration?
It’s a difficult question to answer… I am unconsciously influenced all the time, whether it’s from a person I have met, or a film, or some material that I really fall in love with.

I often work on several collections at the same time and it can be really chaotic! But when I
start working on the headpiece, everything comes together and it is important for me to keep the inspiration flowing throughout the creative process. I want to be as free as possible so I never do sketches. I interpret a lot of what is happening around me here and now but I also refer to my previous experiences.

On more than one occasion, a part of my collections has turned out to be a trend on the catwalk, but I must point out that I was first, ha, ha!


A few years ago, you received a special order to do headpieces for Viktor & Rolf. Could you tell about that assignment?
It was in connection with the launch of BOY magazine when I was contacted by Fredrik Robertsson, editor-in-chief and Kari Hirvonen, stylist. They were doing a feature on Viktor & Rolf and their iconic fragrance ‘Flowerbomb’ which celebrated 10 years. I was asked to interpret the perfume in the headpieces that Viktor & Rolf would wear.

The idea emerged to create an organic shape resembling a rose, and resulted in the headpieces used in the photography. I was very honored to do that assignment. Viktor & Rolf have been idols for me and it was incredible to get to create headpieces for them.

Did you get to meet them?
Yes, and I was completely star struck! It was during the launch of BOY magazine here in Stockholm and I got to talk with them. It was fantastic to meet them and despite all their success, they are humble, true role models.


You have made a headpiece for Lady Gaga. How did that happen?
It was a few years ago when she was in Stockholm for her tour. I created a headpiece for her that I thought would be perfect headgear for a star of her caliber, big, fabulous and with beautiful pheasant feathers. I had it delivered to her hotel room, through a contact. The next day she posted a picture on Instagram of her wearing it. I nearly fainted. She credited me for doing it, which was really nice of her. It all felt so unreal.

You have different themes for your collections. Can you describe your thoughts behind them?
I have always had deeper meaning behind the collections. Sometimes it has to do with injustice, politics, or something else I want to focus on. The result has been that I have always named the collections and sometimes in combination with a poetic message. Weaving a message, material and a shape into one becomes part of the creative process.

In addition, the material I use naturally plays a big role. Sometimes I find the material that I am working with unyielding, but other times the material it is much easier to achieve my desired result. I try to get a good feel for the materials and we end up on friendly terms in the end.

How do you look upon the future for headpieces? Do you have a dream project?
It would be great fun to do headpieces for music videos, film and theater. I have a wish that Swedish women (and men for that matter) would dare to be extravagant and be more themselves at parties. A ready-to-wear collection of headpieces that would work for all festive occasions and ages, that would be fun to do!

Thanks for the chat Matthias!
Thank you! I would like to thank so many lovely people I’ve had the honor to work with over the years, people who have believed in me and my headpieces. Magnus Ragnvid, Elin Svensson, Fredrik Robertsson, Joanna Ågren and Louise Jansson to name a few, as well as friends and relatives that have supported me and my business. I am so happy and thankful for all their support.









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